So Very Domestic

What a cute idea!! I love that this project required months of hoarding! It’s like collecting months of coffee tins for Christmas cookies!


These are SO cute! How clever!

Cristina Deptula

I work with New Year Publishing, a small company who has published three
children’s books written by a now 11 year old author about her experience with
the birth of her twin sisters.

“I’m Having Twins” and “My Twins are Coming Home” have been best sellers on
Amazon and we just released “My Twins’ First Birthday.”

You can learn more about this amazing young author, Paris Morris, and her books
at http://www.myfriendparis.com

We will be happy to send you an eco-friendly PDF review copy if you would like
to mention it in an upcoming news article!

Thank you very much,

Cristina Deptula

Dave Morris
New Year Publishing
877-697-7323 (NYP-READ)

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