That last paragragraph gave me shivers. I just love the meaning behind what you said. Giving your time and energy for the betterment of others is the most gracious gift of all. I bet it feels so great, too. How nice of you to have this opportunity, and all because of comments and connections via this blogging community as well — hoorah, I love it! I hope those skirts go to just the right girls who will need and love them.


another adorable project created by you! I love the colored binding accents and happy pockets.


i just discovered your blog and ADORE it :)
love your banner too.


So cute! The fabric combinations are perfect! I can’t wait until Danika is able to send me photos of the girls wearing the skirts!

Madre Adoptiva

Love it… ALL!


so great ! you’re full of good and kind ideas and projects.
which pattern do you use for your skirts ? because I don’t really like the one the woman and her daughter use…

thanks for such pretty things !
LOutre (your blog is getting me to improve my english, I’m so curious to read your projects, your sewing adventures that I read every word of you !

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