would love to be able to check out your etsy shop! Did you use a pattern for the shirt? Perfect!


how adorable! the red and brown are perfect together.


love the shirt. curious too if there is a pattern. you should definately go etsy! xo


You should totally become a supplier for the wooden people. Since I moved to central IL, I can not find the women pegs anywhere! I went to four stores. I may have to have my mom look up in the Chicago area for them.


Such great colors together! I love the polka dot fabric it’s so perfect for Penny. =)


That is so, so cute! The red & brown do look fabulous together.


I have some fabrics like that: I bought yards and yards, and kind of ache when it comes to using the last piece. Sick, I tell ya! ;)

As for the Etsy shop, why not? Go for it!


I’d also love to see your things on etsy–you have a great eye for color and pattern :) –though I don’t know how saturated the market for kid’s clothing is there….Maybe you could just have a shop as part of your blog, like my friend Laurie’s “mod dots shop”: http://liquidpaper.typepad.com/

I promise to have my pencil rolls to you next week!


Yes on etsy! I sell hand dyed yarn on etsy and I think it is great!


I just started my etsy shop about a month ago and have already sold about 5 things. Give it a try: you have nothing to lose


Go for it on etsy. If all else fails you can give all your goodies as gifts. Love the shirt. I looked at Michael’s for the peg people yesterday and they were there but not with the clothes pins, they were with the wheels and other wooden pieces.


Hi, I’m delurking! I’ve been reading your blog on a daily basis for a while now and I think you SHOULD open an etsy shop! I love the things you make and just the overall cheery mood over here. Thanks for being a daily inspiration for me!


Love the outfit and definitely think you should give the Etsy shop a go!


So cute! I have that pattern, but have yet to sew it up so this is great inspiration to get moving on it.

And, yeah, give Etsy a go!


I’d so love to see an Etsy store by you.


Adorable shirt! Your model is quite cute too. I think you should open an Etsy–you make great things!

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