My family has received the sad news that my Grandma has cancer. Without going into too much detail, I’d like to share what I made for my mom and my sweet Grandma. I salute them for being the ones that have taught me to love my own kids…

Working with my hands has always been very therapeutic. So when I received word that my Grandma’s surgery did not go as well as planned, I had to get busy. They may not be perfect, but there is so much love in these two “lap blankets”. Hopefully these two ladies will feel the love from me and know that their warmth is for comfort and rest.

Anyway, that’s all for now…

…summer, when your husband buzzes his hair! I saw Nathan last night at 11:30pm and woke up next to a velvety summer husband.

I love Penny’s reaction the moment she saw her Poppy. “oooohhh Poppy…HEAD!!!” I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and documenting the moment. Can she be any cuter and fun?!

Of course the other kids were equally enthusiastic!

Check out this terrific kid smock Penelope is wearing! She received it as a birthday gift and I really do believe I need to make at least a dozen for her.

I know there are quite a few out there in the land of Blog revealing some of their “smock wear”.

Oh, and the “quacking” part in the title describes what my dear one is pointing to…we have a duck couple hanging out in our pool. They return every year and are so entertaining. Now as Penny leaves the house, she shouts, “bye quack quacks!”. Ha!

Oh how I love to anticipate a baby! Although our little “pack” of kids will remain the same, I really enjoy the anticipation for others…it’s fun to be on the other side of the fence.

My oldest sister is expecting her first and one of my sister-in-law’s is as well…hopefully she won’t see this post before her shower (oh well if she does!).

I love tying everything up and seeing it all together that I had to snap a few photos. I made her some burp cloths from cloth diapers that I still use for my own kids. I can’t help but think how many times I have run my cloths through the wash…the amount of milk I “caught” in the early days of feeding, diaper changes, etc. I think these will be very useful. The sweet little dress I found at my favorite Thrift, who could resist?

And of course, to announce her arrival I made a name banner. Every kid loves to see their name “proclaimed” somewhere and so hopefully this gift will grow with my niece…ooo, I love babes. I’m sad we are far away from the excitement, but this is my way of at least being a part of it.

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A few weeks back, I was motivated by this talented craftsperson’s blog. She made a beautiful duvet for her son and it kicked me in the direction to do something for Simon’s room. Ever since we got him a new bed, his comforter hasn’t quite fit. So I decided to use what I had and start sewing. The only thing I bought was the fantastic white and yellow button you see sewn onto the blocks.

I’ve had the blue fabric for a few years and although I was sad to part with it- I am glad it has become something to be used and not hidden in my closet. It’s a great, sturdy fabric. That’s why I chose to leave the other side of the existing comforter “as is”, because of it’s softer appeal. Simon is totally sensitive to “cuddly” and “non-cuddly” fabrics. I’m glad I remembered this! Although I do believe he would have reminded me while I was sewing. When I shared with him what I was making and WHO I was making for…the reaction was priceless. The little cracked smile and happiness you could hardly contain will stay with me.
Sewing the blocks together was a breeze. In the past I have done a few simple patchwork quilts and they get really boring to me. I get all charged up with picking out the fabrics, but when the actually cutting and pinning takes place, it becomes a task that I don’t enjoy. Here is a shot of me trimming to make sure all the blocks were about the same…another trait of mine I wish I didn’t have- lack of detail! I love this long strip of fabric. Perhaps it would be fun to turn it into a ribbon for a gift…hmmm, happy mistake?!
Bear with me as I take a close up shot of these buttons. I am so thankful for my digital camera. It is so fun to take shots while working on a project and get instant images. Sometimes while I am working, I get so happy with all my supplies out that I just need to record their “loveliness”.

I plan to make a few more of these quilts, but in smaller versions. I know quite a few people having babies and nothing is more welcoming than a quilt. I know I know, it’s a popular gift, but little does the new mom know how much their toddler will PLAY with it. Am I right?

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What a nice day for a park visit. It was so much fun for Simon and Penny go with our friends AND have a bunch of kids already there!

Sadly, Simon’s best pal Jude is moving to Canada soon and we will miss our playmates! I totally enjoy Jude’s mom’s company…
Here is a glimpse of a project I am working on. Let’s just say, the recipient (Simon) is so eager to sleep with it tonight and he is asking why I am not working on it NOW. It’s pretty nice to have him so eager. Sorry pal, I have to go to work tonight…maybe tomorrow.

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These two “squirrels” really need a watchful eye. I allowed them to go outside after a rain and regretted that moment of frivolty on my part. Of course the day before I had mopped the floors. I love watching Penelope’s and Simon’s relationship develop. I suspect they will be good friends and co-conspirators.

And as always, their need for me broke out precisely as I was beginning dinner! Oh well, a bath is always a welcome task for my kids…they just did a little planning ahead so that they could have a fun in the mud and have a frolic in the bath.
Instead of doing my “Around the House” post. You’ll see more “Shack House moments”. Change is good…new blog layout, new categories…

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Thursday morning…7:38am…and I am counting the weeks until summer vacation.

No longer will we have to dash to get dressed, dash to eat breakfast, rush off to brush teeth, scurry to put on shoes, and jump in the car!

Although I really don’t mind routine, I also appreciate a break and look forward to slightly less chaos in the morning. I’d like to remind my kids that I really am not a drill Sergeant, but a mom that likes to pretend she is relaxed!

Check out more “Corners” in Flickr.

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This little cluster of “Lilies of the Valley” in my yard, must have fairies living under the leaves! I love the cool, sloping leaves and the little bell-like flowers. And the fragrance? Enough to make anyone content.

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