Happy day to my sweet Penelope Tess. I am astonished that we are celebrating birhtday 2! With that, I am a tad sad knowing fairly certain you are my last. Thanks for extending our family’s “babyhood”- you have been well worth the extra work another child brings to a family. Nothing is more thrilling than to hear you wake us all up in the morning, hear your heartfelt laughs, and kisses for all of us…even our Beatrice (the family beagle!).

But, the sadness will not last long because I anticipate a fun toddlerhood. Now that Ellie and Simon are gradeschoolers, I am so grateful I have you to explore a 2 year old’s world again! I love you with more joy and gratitude than you can ever imagine!

It’s funny when you are put into the role of a mom that the relationship you have with your kids runs so so so deep (with the inclusion of my husband, of course!). Never did I expect that my kids would know me so well…they know the best and worst of me. Their unconditional love makes me want to be a better person, mother, and wife. I love my kids’ birthdays because they really make me pay attention to who I am…sometimes it can be pretty humbling.

Here are more shots of the fun day. I really love being able to post all these photos. Plus I sort of consider it my kid’s babybook. Is that so bad?

I am having major troubles with posting and so I can not really able to comment on specific shots. Oh well, I think the shots speak for themselves.

Yesterday was my sweet Penelope’s 2nd birthday. It was a beautiful day.

I’ll share more photos of the day later, but need to take advantage of the gorgeous Spring day!

I’ll end the week with a little show and tell.

I made the above backpack for Penny and her blocks. Her big 2nd birthday is Sunday and I am excited to give her her gifts. I’ll probably post my next “Around the House” on Monday and show the girl and her festivities.

This cute bonnet I made from the “mailorder craft club” I belong to…my only worry is that the recipient is not too keen on wearing hats. Her best friend “Piggy” was quite understanding of my disappointment and was happy to be my model.

Check out this fabric. I got it for 45cents…a huge bargain! I’m not sure what I will do with it. Perhaps it will be a baby gift since there are going to be many babies cropping up in my life (My oldest sister is pregnant, yes!)

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This morning, as I was thinking about today’s color I looked down at my daughter’s breakfast plate and had to laugh.

Yes, it is orange and I love her discerning tastes! She will eat eggs, but the yolk in a fried egg is not for her! Love it.

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disjointed babe
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Another entry for “Corners of my Home”…don’t get too freaked out.

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Look who I found rummaging through my vanity! This little one found some lipstick and decided to “get all fancy”. So her consequence was to pose for me with no complaints.

Of course we had to add the cute shoes too.

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yellow monday

blue tuesday

green wednesday

There have been a group of blogs posting “colored days” since Monday…I’ve been shooting some photos as well, but realized I have not posted my selections (wow, the days do fly by).

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